lundi 14 mai 2018

La Maison du Monde est ouverte à toutes et à tous !

La Maison du Monde est ouverte à toutes et à tous sans quelque distinction que ce soit. C'est un centre communautaire qui offre ses petites salles, ses ordinateurs, sa cuisine gratuitement.
Ce sont d'abord les citoyen·ne·s et les organismes qui peuvent en tout temps y organiser des activités de toute sorte en autant qu'elles le soient pour tout le monde.
Il est évident que si des activités sont organisées pour les personnes âgées, les enfants ne seront pas nécessairement intéressés, selon les types d'activités offertes et vice versa. De même en est-il des activités organisées pour les adolescent·e·s qui n'intéresseront pas nécessairement les femmes enceintes et leurs activités prénatales.
Deux, voire trois activités peuvent avoir lieu en même temps, en autant qu'elles soient compatibles: on ne peut pas faire de la méditation à l'étage et de la danse avec musique au rez-de-chaussée en même temps!
Que ce soit pour de la danse, des jeux, des ateliers, des cours, des conférences, des sessions d'information, des repas communautaires, des soirées de poésie, des après-midis de lecture, des témoignages, du tutorat, du mentorat, une clinique juridique, etc. seule la volonté de les faire et/ou d'y participer feront obstacle.
Les activités peuvent avoir lieu tous les jours de la semaine de 8h à 23h.
Il n'en tient qu'à vous de faire usage de cet espace citoyen unique en offrant vos services à la collectivité, vos expertises dans quelque domaine que ce soit

samedi 17 mars 2018

Four arguments for the elimination of cars...

The article title is in part borrowed from a book title: "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, by Jerry Mander which was published 40 years ago.
I will be attempting here to make my arguments for the elimination of cars. Of course this will be short. A book would have to be written to expose thoroughly each argument.
First argument: owning a car is a religion
Arguing with most people having a car is like arguing with some religious fanatics. No argument whatsoever will make them change their mind. It is instilled in their DNA, built-in as if people were computer chips in which formatted information makes them run properly.
Second argument: cars are weapons of mass destruction
Cars have existed for a century now. Each year worldwide there are 1.2 million people being killed by cars. That's more than all the people who died during all the wars on the planet since the beginning of time. And this is only the people being killed by cars. Collateral damages run in the tens of millions depending on the years: people being injured, having nervous breakdowns, being killed by the enormous amount of pollution cars create, not mentioning all the animals being swept away by cars every minute. Each car produces its own weigh in pollutants every year.
Third argement: Cars make us forget about our natural belonging
The multiplication of cars makes for a miserable life for most people who spent half their wages nourishing their cars. We organize our cities for the cars. Half of the space in any given city is for cars thus expanding further and further the realm of a city. The reality that has been created for us and that we willingly embrace for its apparent convenience is a smokescreen nonetheless. We are unable to perceive the distraction it is from assuming our main role as a species, that is a role of stewardship over the planet.
Fourth argument: The time we spend in cars is time not spent on anything else
Hence we are being fooled in thinking that cars are convenient for transportation. If we were to built our cities differently with work, leisure, supplies at walking distance we would not need cars. We would meet people in the streets, spend more times with our love ones, read a book (here the argument is the same that could be brought up concerning television), we would find time to be more creative, etc.
Here is a quotation from Jerry Mander book mentioned at the top . It applies as much to television as it applies to cars or any construct we cart around with us:
Psychiatrist R. D. Laing, among others, has said that the growing incidence of mental illness these days may be explained in part by the fact that the world we call real and which we ask people to live within and understand is itself open to question. The environment we live in is no longer connected to the mix of planetary processes which brought us all into being. It is solely the product of human mental processes. It is real, but only in the way that a theatrical play or a fun house is real. Our artificial environment is there and we can experience it, yet it has been created on purpose by other humans. It is an interpretation of reality; it no longer reveals how nature works and it cannot provide much useful information to human beings who seek to see their own lives as part of some wider natural process. We are left with no frame of reference untouched by human interpretation.
§ § §

What is awaiting?

Our mediocre political elite
What will be our future? It is always hazardous to predict the decades to come. We are not at a threshold of anything. The current world is not in a situation where one can be that optimist either. There are numerous threats for sure. Probably more so than at anytime in history. There is in engineering something called a breaking point which could apply to anything else than engineering. It's the X whereas equilibrium is achieved before the middle of the X is reached in a given situation which is where things break up.
In today's world there are quite a few instances where the breaking point seems just about to be the norm. There are two main reasons for the current situation as I see it. I could say populism is one and the carelessness of the elites worldwide the other one . There has always been a game going on with world elites. On the one hand they have brought us wars but they also had a minimum of sense to moderate the worst aspect of it all.
At this point in our current history most elites worldwide have abandoned any moral obligation towards the world we live in only to become profiteering moguls detached from any superior aim other than enriching themselves to the rim and beyond. The elites are thus deprived of any will to make the world a better place to live except for their own comfort.
This carelessness has brought populism into the front because there is a sense of irresponsibility from the elites towards the march of the world. Thus we have a great number of monsters at the helm. We can name a few among the worst: Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong Un, Hassan Rouhani, Benjamin Netanyahu, even Donald Trump. Through their policies they are jeopardizing the world but it would be too simple to consider them as the only culprits. After all they are only representatives, a reflection of the world we live in which is to say something is not working right.
There are many threats and we are reaching the breaking point on many fronts. On the one hand we have made great progress worldwide on many fronts but we are also regressing in as many. That is where the idea of the breaking point emerges. Will we have the time to avoid the breaking point whereas any sort of progress is ineffective in face of the regress taking place. Nothing is guaranteed in this respect. In fact a clusterfuck could be the result of a staggering amount of evidence. It won't be one or two elements that will make things unmanageable. It will be an acccumalation of bad decisions from many sources.
Many people strongly believe in IA to help us solve our numerous problems. This will not happen. It is only an additional stratum that will probably make life even more complicated for the majority of people who will also be left on the side of the road of the so-called progress. Technology as well as the development of sciences and medicine. has helped us. Greed and lack of humility are among our worst enemies and this will end up being the cause of our own annihilation.